Dry Blending

Blending products from basic seasonings to highly scientific meal replacement shakes, our capabilities in dry blending are end to end from development through to the end packaging solution.

Dry Blending Development and Manufacturing

Designed completely in-house, our state-of-the-art dry blending facility works hand in hand with our own production processes created from decades of experience.

This enables us to manage a wide range of allergens, as well as produce both simple and complex formulations efficiently at both small and large scales. We tailor packaging solutions according to customer requirements while ensuring maximum freshness and shelf life.

With access to hundreds of raw materials, Flavour Makers can develop your dry blended product with culinary flare.


Key Facts

  • Allergen Management Systems

  • BRC Certified
+ Equipped to work with projects of any scale

  • Available pack sizes ranging from 10g to 1,000kg

  • Can tailor packaging to suit your needs

Finished Product Examples: 

  • Spice Blends, Dry Application Marinades & Glazes

  • Tumble Brines

  • Moisture Infusion & Injection Pre-Mixes

  • Sausage Meals & Burger Pre-Mixes

  • Protein Powder / Protein Shakes

  • Meal Replacement Shakes

  • Soup Mixes

  • Coating / Crust Flavour Systems

  • Sauce / Gravy Pre-Mixes

  • Stock / Flavour Boosters

  • Snack Seasonings (sprinkle and soluble applications)

  • Topical Sprinkles

  • Formed product binding systems

  • Stuffings / Cores

  • Quinoa, Lentil, & Grain Blends

  • Beverage Pre-Mixes

  • Iced Confection formulations (gelato, sorbet)

  • Pet Food Formulations (with or without fortification)

  • Specific Dietary and Lifestyle Formulations

  • Flavour & Vitamin Fortification Pre-Mixes

  • Batters & Pre-Dusts

  • Bakery Pre-Mixes (pies, sausage rolls, mashed potato)

  • Dessert Mixes (cake, icing & pancake mixes)