Ready Meal Manufacturers

Capable of processing liquids as well as solid ingredients such as meats, rice, pasta and grains, our ready meal facility can produce an amazing array of finished products.

 Using the retort method, a broad range of flavour profiles can be achieved and in combination with the latest packaging materials, finished goods can be stored at ambient temperatures for up to two years.

Key Facts:

•  Allergen Management Systems
•  BRC Certified
•  Flexibility to work with projects of any scale
•  Available pack sizes ranging from 80g to 1kg
•  Can tailor packaging to suit your needs

Finished Product Examples

  •  Soups
  •  Stocks
  • Shelf Stable Meal Components (Bolognese sauce, Lamb Shanks)
  • Dairy Based Sauces (Carbonara)
  • Gravy
  • Shelf Stable Ready to Eat Meals (pasta, risotto, curries, casseroles, stews)
  • Finishing Sauces
  • Desserts
  • Flavoured Rice & Grain Mixes
  • Baby Food (Spout Pouch)