Food Research & Development

We started with a single person with a passion for food, and added one hundred more.


Every member of the Flavour  Makers team is dedicated to creating amazing new food products for our customers,  it's a  pre-requisite and a big one at that.

The  perfect mix of diverse talent and experience, our passionate team ranges from Michelin Star rated chefs to industry recognised food technologists, with a broad range of knowledge, centralised around a commitment to delivering the best possible results. We invest in the best to give you the best, and doesn't stop with our staff.

Our exceptional facilities are fully equipped to ensure we deliver amazing results for our customers. 

If there's one thing we're known for here at Flavour Makers, it's constantly being on the cutting edge of food innovation. It's how we've  made our name and how we consistently  deliver opportunity and success for every one of our customers.

Product Development Chefs
Chef-led Culinary Development

With a diverse range of training and experience from Michelin rated restaurants to Culinary Olympians, our team of chefs and culinary  technologists  are capable of bringing amazing results to any project. And with a wealth of  production and application knowledge, you can be assured  that the products they create will deliver well when it comes to commercial-scale production.

Technical Expertise

Our technical department is staffed by a team of experts who are passionate about what they do. With a diverse range of specialist skills and experience to draw on, they work hand-in-hand with our culinary team ensuring regulatory requirements are met and that your product performs as amazing as it tastes.

Product Development Technologists
Product Development Sensory
Sensory Research

Our Sensory Support facility enables us to conduct Sensory Evaluation for new and existing food products - allowing us to deliver critical market research, feedback and reporting. Products are evaluated on a range of attributes including appearance, aroma and overall flavour in a controlled and monitored environment.


Culinary Development Centre  


 At the heart of our innovation lies our Culinary Development Centre. It is here that our chefs and technologists work closely together to create, craft, and deliver the flavour sensations of tomorrow. The next one we create just may be yours.