Complete end-to-end food manufacturing is only the beginning.

Flavour Makers provides a comprehensive end-to-end food development and manufacturing solution specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements.

Our key operational facilities include a state-of-the-art dry blending facility, liquid processing plant and a meals plant capable of processing both liquid and solid ingredients.  

Customers can take advantage of a diverse range of in-house processing and manufacturing facilities, delivering a seamless, quality controlled production channel - taking your product directly from idea to shelf.

What does that all mean to you?

Here's just a few of the possibilities...

Dry Blending - Dry Blending Plant


Our incredible dry blending facility was designed in-house to ensure we produce efficiently at both large or small scales, and integrate seamlessly with our allergen management systems. Catering to all of our customers needs, we're capable of filling into large industrial sized packaging formats right through to consumer-ready formats. Whether you have a simple or complex formulation, our decades of experience in dry blending means that you're in good hands.

Dry Blending 2

Hot Filling - Liquids Plant


Our wet plant offers the ideal balance between flexibility and production efficiency. Flexibility means we're capable of producing a wide range of liquid products from short shelf-life sauces designed to be kept chilled, through to long shelf-life, shelf-stable sauces designed to be stored at ambient conditions. We'll choose the best process for your product whether it be cold-fill, hot-fill, post-pack pasteurise or retort making sure you get the best possible end result.

Sauce Manufacturing 2

Food Retorting - Meals Plant


Capable of processing liquids as well as solid ingredients such as meats, rice, pasta and grains, our retort facility can produce an amazing array of finished products. Using the retort method, a broad range of flavour profiles can be achieved and in combination with the latest packaging materials, finished goods can be stored at ambient temperatures for up to two years.

Ready Meals Manufacturing2