Experience, Technology, People + Passion = Foodsmarts™


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over decades of creating the world’s most loved flavour experiences, it’s that the ingredients for success go far beyond the ones we blend into your product. It requires the perfect blend of experience, technology, people and passion. We call it FoodSmarts. And we’ve got it by the bag full.


It’s why we’re the chosen partner for many of Australia’s most loved brands.

Culinary Expertise

With a diverse range of training and experience, from Michelin rated restaurants to Culinary Olympians, our team of chefs and  culinary technologists are capable of bringing amazing results to any project. And with a wealth of production and application knowledge to back up  their culinary flair, you can be assured that the products they create will deliver well when it comes to commercial scale-up.

Technical Knowledge

Our technical department is staffed  by a team of experts who are passionate about what they do. With a diverse range of specialist skills and experience to draw from, they work hand-in-hand with our culinary team ensuring regulatory requirements are met and that your product performs as good as it tastes. If required, they can provide on-site technical support, working directly with your production team to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Sensory Research

By utilising our in-house sensory evaluation facility, Flavour Makers can conduct sensory research programs to gain valuable insights, compare your products with competitors, or simply ensure your product is right for market before launch. It’s just another way we help set our customers up for success.

Packaging & Process

Our technical team will specify the ideal production processing parameters for your product to ensure optimum flavour, texture and appearance are achieved. And should it be required, our packaging experts can tailor a packaging solution to maximise the shelf-life potential of your product, as well as work with your graphic designers to ensure your print files are set up for optimum reproduction on pack.

Industry Network

Over the years Flavour Makers has developed long standing relationships with trading and manufacturing partners both locally and internationally. Our global procurement network means we have access to a vast range of raw materials from verified, reputable sources. Flavour Makers customers also benefit from the purchasing power achieved through immense volumes of raw materials we purchase every year.

Allergen Management

As the number of diagnosed food allergies and intolerances continues to rise, rest assured that Flavour Makers has the systems and processes in place to produce products free from a range of common allergens such as gluten. In fact, we were among the first few Australian food manufacturers to implement such systems. Our chefs and culinary technologists have a wealth of experience in developing ‘free from’ food products made with alternative clean ingredients to achieve outstanding results.

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Flavour Makers have designed each of our BRC certified, state-of-the-art facilities from the ground up, amalgamating the latest processing technologies from around the world with our own production and quality control methodologies which have been refined over decades. We have achieved the right balance of flexibility and efficiency to handle both small and large scale projects and have the ability to offer our customers a speed to market that is second to none.

Market Analysis & Strategy

Our love and passion for food means that we’re always in the know with what’s happening in the restaurant scene, but our insights team also keeps a very close eye on on consumer, restaurant and industry trends - both locally and globally. This knowledge feeds into our FoodSmarts, and it’s what keeps Flavour Makers, and our customers one step ahead of the pack. We are happy to assist our customers in strategy formulation long before any product development briefs are written, ensuring the best chance of success for everyone.